POLO a new generation of sedan next year

Reputation values have increased by 8, no change in rankings, the highest in a small car reputation List No. 22. POLO Jin made this week, word of mouth reputation has been more volatile, the overall show wave-like, weeks later is particularly prominent.

With the debut of a new generation of POLO, sedan version of the POLO has also been put on the agenda, but because the sedan is only in Africa, South America, Asia and other regional market, Volkswagen did not seem anxious for this update, the current from the United States sent the spy photos revealed sedan version of the POLO has begun to conduct road test in the United States, but this model is likely to debut in 2011, and officially on sale in the same year.

POLO sedan (known internally POLO AccFast) will also enable a new generation of POLO design, simple style, derived from the popular front concept car is still cool design. Line from the side view, and updating POLO sedan car per cent more than the cash in a number of straight-line section, which also front lines with the echoes. POLO still use a new generation of PQ24 platform for development, will correspond to the general public, as well as the latest 1.2TSI variety 1.6TDI power configuration, and may even correspond to 1.2TSI version of the 7-speed DSG gearbox. However, that this section models bring in, I would think this would correspond to 1.4,1.6 naturally aspirated engine, and thus to correspond to the domestic market demand.

POLO for the new sedan version of the introduction of general concern is still the Cheyou price Juyou "God is not a light swine" for the best with a naturally aspirated 1.6 plus 6-speed tiptronic. To reduce costs, increase the cost-effective. Ju You "days side to win" has also been said that is not a good car, who opened who knows, POLO with 1.2TSI most appropriate, 10 - 11 Wan worth the wait. It is learned that the release of new vehicles was arranged in 2011, the market's performance is not known.

Details of the runoff must-read men's summer dress

Pop always so sad that some of our outdated, open the wardrobe full of the most always seem to find a satisfactory Stlye. In fact, men's shirts, shoes for many years been the main fashion classic.

Sometimes, you just need a little more carefully would be close to perfect. Just that most of the time we are too ignore some small details, and become impolite. Do not need too much, too crazy, just to note some small details, the details are often best exemplifies a sense of overall quality.


A wide selection of shirt colors, white, light blue, light gray single series on the election bogey bright red and green Chromic, and should be considered with the tie patterns, color coordination. Remember, shirt sleeve T-shirt sleeves and grow than 1 to 2 cm above the suit collar to collar a ~ 1.5 cm, to show the level of dress. Remember that an iron rule: the new shirts to buy, if inserted in the neck and the collar between two fingers, it shows even after washed the shirt would be very appropriate.


For men, leather belts and watches as accessories are very important, although it is only a thin, but can also be revealing the owner's tastes, hobbies, life attitudes. It can be very classic, but also can be very common, in fact the choice of details of the belt can be exposed with a man is artistic, or rigid traditions. Belt should not be too long, the length between the first and second best among the pants buckle and width should be maintained at about 3 cm. For matching belt is also very particular about the general belt color should be slightly more than the color of dark pants, and belt color and texture should be coordinated with the shoes. Lighter color belt style more suited to casual dress. When paired with other clothes, but also should pay attention to the overall style and color coordination.


Shoes, is to determine a men's clothing grade points. It should be regarded as a part of the image created, there must be change, there must be style, wear on the occasion. It is a man of excellent investment to enhance taste. Black formal shoes for the main color, the other departments can also choose a dark, such as dark gray, brown color.

BURBERRY polo attract numerous celebrities around the world

BURBERRY has been loved by the royal family, has become the Queen's Royal brand, and its self-evident by the extent of royal favor.

BURBERRY by the then 21-year-old Thomas Burberry of England created man, became one of the most able to represent the brand in Britain.

BURBERRY early development of outdoor clothing, as early as 1880, Thomas will the invention of a waterproof breathable fabric, and in 1888 obtained a patent for the design and manufacture of the British officers raincoats, later King Edward VII ordered to BURBERRY this raincoat as one of British military uniforms.

BURBERRY designed in 1890 as a dry jacket's long-standing trend. This wet and dry coat after the war has become the favorite of many celebrity stars. In 1924, on behalf of BURBERRY plaid jacket the first time in the wet and dry on the inside, and in 1967 registered as a trade mark after the more widely used in other products, such as umbrellas and luggage on.

BURBERRY Why have such status? Because it's "old." The "old" refers to its long history of clothing itself, rather than the pursuit of fashion wear. BURBERRY addition to material on the election effort, there are a unique special services - any customers to buy the brand after waterproof jacket, no matter how many years after, can be waterproof jacket back to the shop to deal with patch .

Today, there are still many years ago were returned to the maintenance BURBERRY coat. Some people say that wearing a lot of people BURBERRY brand, if not noble, they will be able BURBERRY by wearing the "nouveau riche" are proud of the distinction. This is probably the brand to attract the world the key to countless celebrities.

When you wear this polo shirts as if you Staring at the world

To celebrate the anniversary of the birthday LACOSTE75, internationally renowned art multi-media fashion magazine "VISIONAIRE" cooperation with the LACOSTE launched 54 SPORT, and in early autumn in Beijing, held together creative parties, with many stylish people who share the crystallization of fashion and art-VISIONAIRE 54 SPORT.

Musician David Byrne to upholding a conviction: to lead all fashion. SPORT portray Byrne as a seamless map of the night will be in Las Vegas with a few landscapes in accordance with the location of human organs - from your liver to the heart, and ultimately to the Flamingo, with perfect stitching.

Fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh reproduce his fall in 1988 for the filming of the Comme des Garcons exemplary works of photography. polo shirt on the two early model Linda Evangelista and Kirsten Owen, both Lindbergh given by its unique mix of black-and-white aesthetic.

Photographer Thomas Ruff's "JPEG" series is the interpretation of digital compression and decompression of image processing technology, Ruff will be the Grand Canyon to enlarge the image processing, from a distance, the screen fine, clear, and in the vicinity but it is not fuzzy clearance.

Director / Almodovar and graphic designer Juan Gatti has a long-term cooperation. This time, they once again join hands in creating the works, they will increase a poster, "shredded" and re-splicing. Polo shirt on the whole covered with a poster image, are taken from classic works of Almodovar: All About My Mother, Volver, Bad Education, as well as the Matador.

Inspired by the artist Richard Phillips from the field show a picture, he would model a portrait of Coco Rocha onto a polo shirt, Phillips used charcoal polo shirt in the negative outlines of the facial details of Rocha, and the positive is used canvas fully demonstrated its color.

TJ Wilcox is the recent creation of digital puzzle with his combination of a series of watercolor works, and to choose, to reproduce his "Apparition (Indian dancers II)". described the polo shirt is a costume of an indigenous people, a man wearing sunglasses and a parachute is landing.

Phil Poynter photographers want to Angela Lindvall "storm" in this case the body polo shirt. This is a surrealistic works. Lindval wearing a swimming cap, goggles, submerged in a glass of water filled. When you wear this polo shirt, Lindvall as if your chest from the outside staring.

The latest definition of Polo shirt

Polo shirt was originally known as the tennis shirt. Was originally proposed by former French 7-time Grand Slam Cup tennis champion René Lacoste introduced their brand LACOSTE collar sweater, tennis racket wielding his upper body will continue to reverse, so the design will be polo shirt not into the pants to the premise, made after the long, short, and the side openings are just a small fraction of the lap. Designed to wear such a lap in the seat, it can avoid the general result of the previous t-shirt and crumpled up before too long the situation. Before the advent of the polo shirt, is dressed in traditional tennis shirt, pantyhose and put the tie. Ralph Lauren Polo was introduced by the models will be popular as a fan, and to introduce this type clothing to polo and other sports and leisure wear industry, it is therefore called the Polo shirt. Now also known as the golf shirt.