The latest definition of Polo shirt

Polo shirt was originally known as the tennis shirt. Was originally proposed by former French 7-time Grand Slam Cup tennis champion René Lacoste introduced their brand LACOSTE collar sweater, tennis racket wielding his upper body will continue to reverse, so the design will be polo shirt not into the pants to the premise, made after the long, short, and the side openings are just a small fraction of the lap. Designed to wear such a lap in the seat, it can avoid the general result of the previous t-shirt and crumpled up before too long the situation. Before the advent of the polo shirt, is dressed in traditional tennis shirt, pantyhose and put the tie. Ralph Lauren Polo was introduced by the models will be popular as a fan, and to introduce this type clothing to polo and other sports and leisure wear industry, it is therefore called the Polo shirt. Now also known as the golf shirt.

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