When you wear this polo shirts as if you Staring at the world

To celebrate the anniversary of the birthday LACOSTE75, internationally renowned art multi-media fashion magazine "VISIONAIRE" cooperation with the LACOSTE launched 54 SPORT, and in early autumn in Beijing, held together creative parties, with many stylish people who share the crystallization of fashion and art-VISIONAIRE 54 SPORT.

Musician David Byrne to upholding a conviction: to lead all fashion. SPORT portray Byrne as a seamless map of the night will be in Las Vegas with a few landscapes in accordance with the location of human organs - from your liver to the heart, and ultimately to the Flamingo, with perfect stitching.

Fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh reproduce his fall in 1988 for the filming of the Comme des Garcons exemplary works of photography. polo shirt on the two early model Linda Evangelista and Kirsten Owen, both Lindbergh given by its unique mix of black-and-white aesthetic.

Photographer Thomas Ruff's "JPEG" series is the interpretation of digital compression and decompression of image processing technology, Ruff will be the Grand Canyon to enlarge the image processing, from a distance, the screen fine, clear, and in the vicinity but it is not fuzzy clearance.

Director / Almodovar and graphic designer Juan Gatti has a long-term cooperation. This time, they once again join hands in creating the works, they will increase a poster, "shredded" and re-splicing. Polo shirt on the whole covered with a poster image, are taken from classic works of Almodovar: All About My Mother, Volver, Bad Education, as well as the Matador.

Inspired by the artist Richard Phillips from the field show a picture, he would model a portrait of Coco Rocha onto a polo shirt, Phillips used charcoal polo shirt in the negative outlines of the facial details of Rocha, and the positive is used canvas fully demonstrated its color.

TJ Wilcox is the recent creation of digital puzzle with his combination of a series of watercolor works, and to choose, to reproduce his "Apparition (Indian dancers II)". described the polo shirt is a costume of an indigenous people, a man wearing sunglasses and a parachute is landing.

Phil Poynter photographers want to Angela Lindvall "storm" in this case the body polo shirt. This is a surrealistic works. Lindval wearing a swimming cap, goggles, submerged in a glass of water filled. When you wear this polo shirt, Lindvall as if your chest from the outside staring.

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