BURBERRY polo attract numerous celebrities around the world

BURBERRY has been loved by the royal family, has become the Queen's Royal brand, and its self-evident by the extent of royal favor.

BURBERRY by the then 21-year-old Thomas Burberry of England created man, became one of the most able to represent the brand in Britain.

BURBERRY early development of outdoor clothing, as early as 1880, Thomas will the invention of a waterproof breathable fabric, and in 1888 obtained a patent for the design and manufacture of the British officers raincoats, later King Edward VII ordered to BURBERRY this raincoat as one of British military uniforms.

BURBERRY designed in 1890 as a dry jacket's long-standing trend. This wet and dry coat after the war has become the favorite of many celebrity stars. In 1924, on behalf of BURBERRY plaid jacket the first time in the wet and dry on the inside, and in 1967 registered as a trade mark after the more widely used in other products, such as umbrellas and luggage on.

BURBERRY Why have such status? Because it's "old." The "old" refers to its long history of clothing itself, rather than the pursuit of fashion wear. BURBERRY addition to material on the election effort, there are a unique special services - any customers to buy the brand after waterproof jacket, no matter how many years after, can be waterproof jacket back to the shop to deal with patch .

Today, there are still many years ago were returned to the maintenance BURBERRY coat. Some people say that wearing a lot of people BURBERRY brand, if not noble, they will be able BURBERRY by wearing the "nouveau riche" are proud of the distinction. This is probably the brand to attract the world the key to countless celebrities.

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