Details of the runoff must-read men's summer dress

Pop always so sad that some of our outdated, open the wardrobe full of the most always seem to find a satisfactory Stlye. In fact, men's shirts, shoes for many years been the main fashion classic.

Sometimes, you just need a little more carefully would be close to perfect. Just that most of the time we are too ignore some small details, and become impolite. Do not need too much, too crazy, just to note some small details, the details are often best exemplifies a sense of overall quality.


A wide selection of shirt colors, white, light blue, light gray single series on the election bogey bright red and green Chromic, and should be considered with the tie patterns, color coordination. Remember, shirt sleeve T-shirt sleeves and grow than 1 to 2 cm above the suit collar to collar a ~ 1.5 cm, to show the level of dress. Remember that an iron rule: the new shirts to buy, if inserted in the neck and the collar between two fingers, it shows even after washed the shirt would be very appropriate.


For men, leather belts and watches as accessories are very important, although it is only a thin, but can also be revealing the owner's tastes, hobbies, life attitudes. It can be very classic, but also can be very common, in fact the choice of details of the belt can be exposed with a man is artistic, or rigid traditions. Belt should not be too long, the length between the first and second best among the pants buckle and width should be maintained at about 3 cm. For matching belt is also very particular about the general belt color should be slightly more than the color of dark pants, and belt color and texture should be coordinated with the shoes. Lighter color belt style more suited to casual dress. When paired with other clothes, but also should pay attention to the overall style and color coordination.


Shoes, is to determine a men's clothing grade points. It should be regarded as a part of the image created, there must be change, there must be style, wear on the occasion. It is a man of excellent investment to enhance taste. Black formal shoes for the main color, the other departments can also choose a dark, such as dark gray, brown color.

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