POLO a new generation of sedan next year

Reputation values have increased by 8, no change in rankings, the highest in a small car reputation List No. 22. POLO Jin made this week, word of mouth reputation has been more volatile, the overall show wave-like, weeks later is particularly prominent.

With the debut of a new generation of POLO, sedan version of the POLO has also been put on the agenda, but because the sedan is only in Africa, South America, Asia and other regional market, Volkswagen did not seem anxious for this update, the current from the United States sent the spy photos revealed sedan version of the POLO has begun to conduct road test in the United States, but this model is likely to debut in 2011, and officially on sale in the same year.

POLO sedan (known internally POLO AccFast) will also enable a new generation of POLO design, simple style, derived from the popular front concept car is still cool design. Line from the side view, and updating POLO sedan car per cent more than the cash in a number of straight-line section, which also front lines with the echoes. POLO still use a new generation of PQ24 platform for development, will correspond to the general public, as well as the latest 1.2TSI variety 1.6TDI power configuration, and may even correspond to 1.2TSI version of the 7-speed DSG gearbox. However, that this section models bring in, I would think this would correspond to 1.4,1.6 naturally aspirated engine, and thus to correspond to the domestic market demand.

POLO for the new sedan version of the introduction of general concern is still the Cheyou price Juyou "God is not a light swine" for the best with a naturally aspirated 1.6 plus 6-speed tiptronic. To reduce costs, increase the cost-effective. Ju You "days side to win" has also been said that is not a good car, who opened who knows, POLO with 1.2TSI most appropriate, 10 - 11 Wan worth the wait. It is learned that the release of new vehicles was arranged in 2011, the market's performance is not known.

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